God did it, why can't we? UN ponders 'Net "10 commandments"


Mon, Nov 23rd, 2009 14:18 by capnasty NEWS

Turns out God had a pretty hot idea all those years ago. As the UN-backed Internet Governance Forum 2009 met last week just a stone's throw from Mount Sinai, some wondered whether it wasn't time to draft a "10 commandments" for the Internet. And everyone had ideas about what should be on it.

Write a new 10 Commandments of the Internet, Peter proposed, and draft them on a tablet PC on Mount Sinai.

The "Peter" in question was Internet historian Ian Peter, and the place was the UN-backed Internet Governance Forum 2009 held last week in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, a few kilometers from Mount Sinai.

Peter's model for his proposed commandments isn't Moses, but the engineers and computer science guys who dreamed up the Internet back in the 1960s, building it through an amazingly open and collaborative effort that continues functioning to this day. When he asked if anyone would be interested in formally documenting the principles of the Internet ethos, Internet ecosystem or whatever one might call it, hands shot up all around the room.



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