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Thu, Sep 10th, 2009 12:53 by capnasty NEWS

I had some trepidation about seeing this movie, since the clips I had seen were so violent looking, it looked very much like a 'guy flick'. Both Barbara and I however both had read a rather favourable review in the Ottawa Citizen (available here) so we decided to take the risk. I have mentioned before why I dislike going to first run movies, they ran at least 15 minutes of commercials for upcoming movies-- Except because this was a SciFi/guy flick movie, we got treated to a lot of horror movie previews which was annoying to both of us. Neither of us have an interest in violent puerile zombie movies thankyouverymuch.

The movie itself was as bad as I had originally expected in many places, too violent but perfect for the 14 year olds sitting behind us. However, they did leave in (accidentally?) some intelligent commentary about the human condition. Mankind has been noted for being cruel to other humans, just imagine the "fun" possible when you have alien so-called prawn's you can abuse. In one graphic scene they use a flame thrower on some eggs of these aliens and the commentary is "ha ha it sounds like popcorn popping!". I noted that the 14 year olds behind us were also enjoying popcorn.

If you can ignore the gratuitous violence, the movie does make a point about our own inhumanity by showing the darker side of man. But that is a big if.

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