Surprising stories behind 20 Muppet characters


Sat, Feb 14th, 2009 09:20 by capnasty NEWS

I never would've guessed but I probably shouldn't have been surprised by the creative talent that Jim Henson was, capable of creating lovable, believable characters out of whatever was around him.

Some of the characters we know and love were recycled from other TV shows and commercials Jim Henson worked on, while others were invented by using whatever materials were around.

Be prepared for a little nostalgia, and I hope I didn't leave out your favorite -- not all of the characters have interesting background stories (sorry, Big Bird).

And my favourite character:

1. Cookie Monster: Jim Henson drew some monsters eating various snacks for a General Foods commercial in 1966. The commercial was never used, but Henson recycled one of the monsters (the "Wheel-Stealer") for an IBM training video in 1967 and again for a Fritos commercial in 1969. By that time, he had started working on Sesame Street and decided this monster would have a home there.



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