Internet Phone Charges


Mon, Feb 10th, 1997 04:00 by Peter Fung ARTICLE


Your local telephone company has filed a proposal with the FCC to impose per minute charges for your internet service. They contend that your usage has or will hinder the operation of the telephone network.Internet usage will diminish if users were required to pay additional per minute charges. The FCC has created an email box for your comments,responses must be received by February 13, 1997. Send your comments [email protected] and tell them what you think.

Every phone company is in on this one, and they are trying to sneak it in just under the wire for litigation. Let everyone you know hear this one. Get the e-mail address to everyone you can think of.

[email protected]

Please forward this email to all your friends on the internet so allour voices may be heard!

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Beginning in July, the Internet will have seven new top-level domain names: .firm, .store, .web, .arts,.rec, .info, and .nom.

Number 69: FEBRUARY 10, 1997



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