Zoology of numbers


Sun, Apr 30th, 2006 15:44 by capnasty NEWS

All you ever wanted to know about numbers. Well, at least from 0-500 from this Numberopidia -- a Wikipedia solely of numbers.

eople have always been fascinated by NUMBERS... Numbers are actually basic elements of mathematics used for counting, measuring, ranking, comparing quantities, and solving equations. Numbers have unique properties: for some ones of us they are merely concise symbols manipulated according to arbitrary rules, for others numbers carry occult powers and mystic virtues.

Almost all numeration systems start as simple tally marks, using single strokes to represent each additional unit. The first known use of numbers dates back to around 30,000 BC when tally marks were precisely used by stone age people.

To show that each number is unique and has its own beauty, we have collected for you a huge amount of facts pertaining to the magical world of numbers, covering a range of different topics including mathematics, history, philosophy, psychology, symbolism, etymology, language, and/or ethnology...



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