Drug Cave revealed


Tue, Mar 14th, 2006 16:45 by capnasty NEWS

A brilliant plan... almost. Maybe they should've installed solar panels or a windmill.

In early 2005, three men lived quietly in Trousdale County, Tennessee. They were polite, if a little bit antisocial, preferring not to spend much time associating with their neighbors, and frequently traveling out of town. They owned a beautiful A-Frame house, complete with an elaborate entrance gate that had an intercom system. From outside, the $1 million dollar house appeared to be the ideal vacation home, with stylish swooping angles and large picture windows. However, this gorgeous house hid a deeper purpose for these three men, who had carefully planned and executed one of the largest marijuana growing operations that Tennessee has ever seen. [...] What police found inside this Trousdale County cave led to the biggest pot bust in Middle Tennessee history. Now, pictures are showing details of the sophisticated set up.



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