Mon, Sep 15th, 1997 05:00 by Rob Road Steamer NEWS

No doubt you have heard the news that princess Diana is dead. This is a tragedy and I would mourn were it not for the fact that every TV and radio station has been constantly ramming it down our throats for the past 8 days. The radio stations are only just getting back to playing proper music after days of panpipe drivel. If I hear one more pan pipe song on the radio I will rip out my jugular with a pair of chopsticks! This was not limited to one station. Every bloody radio station has played nothing but that shat for days! Moving onto the TV stations for example: they showed a documentry on Diana's life. I thought that was quite nice, a televisual tribute to her. Then was the news were they had a programme involving some other royals and people talking about her, okay fair enough. Then was the news going over exactly the same things as half an hour ago. Then they repeated the documentary/tribute just in case you missed it earlier. Then the news again. Then the people talking about her repeated in case you missed that the first time. Then another discussion thing. This went on all day! The same things over and over again!

Don't get me wrong its not that I'm glad shes dead or that I'm having a go at her. I'm having a go at the TV and Radio people. They just cant stop going on about it. We know she's dead and everyone will miss her so why cant they grasp this fact instead of always telling us as if we didn`t know and continue with normal programming instead of constantly showing documentaries and interviews with someone that met her once or someone who owned a shop that she went in once years ago.



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