“You can often hide from an AI video system with the aid of a simple color printout.”

Hiding in plain sight


Mon, Apr 29th, 2019 09:51 by capnasty NEWS

MIT Technology Review brings to attention this study from the Belgian university KU Leuven that demonstrates how easily video tracking technology can be fooled with a simple coloured printout.

In this paper, we presented a system to generate adversar-ial patches for person detectors that can be printed out andused in the real-world. We did this by optimising an imageto minimise different probabilities related to the appearanceof a person in the output of the detector. In our experimentswe compared different approaches and found that minimis-ing object loss created the most effective patches.

From our real-world test with printed out patches we canalso see that our patches work quite well in hiding personsfrom object detectors, suggesting that security systems us-ing similar detectors might be vulnerable to this kind of at-tack.

We believe that, if we combine this technique with asophisticated clothing simulation, we can design a T-shirtprint that can make a person virtually invisible for automaticsurveillance cameras (using the YOLO detector).



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