“A mass of meat, ready for human consumption, with no brain or wings or feet.”

Real meat without real animals


Sat, Apr 20th, 2019 08:46 by capnasty NEWS

In The Atlantic Olga Khazan looks at the end of farmed meat with the growth of lab-grown meat— or as startups prefer calling, clean meat. The idea is to provide real meat without the meat ever having been attached to a live animal.

I am the ideal customer for this, because I enjoy meat-like flavors but don’t appreciate the more carnal elements of meat. I’m sure the Wrangler-clad Texan Council will revoke my Texanship for saying this, but I have never had a rare steak. I’ve never eaten something and thought, I wish this would make more of a murdery mess on my plate. And yet, I have no interest in passing up barbecue or Tex-Mex when I visit home or in telling my first-generation immigrant parents that I no longer eat meat. I would like a protein-rich substance that reminds me of my childhood and injects a robust, savory essence into my salad. I do not, however, care if that substance was ever technically alive.



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