“The rich do not live like this. The rich have grown afraid of screens.”

Human engagement is now a luxury


Tue, Mar 26th, 2019 11:02 by capnasty NEWS

In a day and age where everyone has email and even the poorest of the poor have a mobile phone, the new status symbol is to not be near any screens. Not only that, but studies are showing that screen time is bad for children's brain development and as schools move towards more screen time, the children of the rich learn in tech-free private schools.

The joy — at least at first — of the internet revolution was its democratic nature. Facebook is the same Facebook whether you are rich or poor. Gmail is the same Gmail. And it’s all free. There is something mass market and unappealing about that. And as studies show that time on these advertisement-support platforms is unhealthy, it all starts to seem déclassé, like drinking soda or smoking cigarettes, which wealthy people do less than poor people.

The wealthy can afford to opt out of having their data and their attention sold as a product. The poor and middle class don’t have the same kind of resources to make that happen.



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