“These mini-vehicles can cost as little as $1,000.”

Cheap Chinese low-speed electric vehicles


Wed, Feb 6th, 2019 10:47 by capnasty NEWS

According to Quartz, China will soon be introducing its line of cheap electric vehicles to the United States and Europe. Albeit nowhere near as fancy as a Tesla and with ridiculously long charging times, they cost less than $10k.

These are not snazzy, high-end vehicles, and their marketing isn’t either. A promotional video for the Pickman features a young, hoodie-wearing Chinese narrator plainly explaining the car’s unique features. The pickup comes in six colors, boasts off-road capability, and can fit a “family of three,” according to the video. It has a range of 120 km (75 miles) on a single charge. The battery takes up to ten hours to charge. The Pickman’s top speed is 45 km per hour (28 miles per hour), and it has a payload capacity of 450 kg.



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