Restoring a Really Worn Out Toy Car to New-Like Conditions

Extreme Redline Restoration


Tue, Jan 1st, 2019 10:44 by capnasty NEWS

Among the car restoration channels — sorry, toy car restoration channels — this is another of my favourites: the videography is crisp, the quality of the work is definitely above average, and the narration is excellent with no obvious slang or accent.

At the very back of a small hobby store tucked away in a weird industrial area near where I live there is a bin full of old toy cars from when I was a kid. I found models I already own that look like they have never been played with as well as models I drooled over as a kid but never got. I spent a couple of dollars and came home with a handful of toys. It makes wanting to restore my old toys more and more tempting.

In this video I restore a car for my wife's co-worker Chuck. This poor 1969 Heavy Chevy Camaro is in really bad shape but I think I was able to get it back to a "near like new" condition.



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