“It takes a while for us to realize exactly what they’ve done that’s so terrible.”

Tech giants are jerks


Mon, Dec 3rd, 2018 11:39 by capnasty NEWS

In this Recode Decode podcast, the Atlantic’s Franklin Foer calls Amazon a bully and accusses Facebook and Google of being "enemies of independent thought." Perhaps this should not come as a surprise from advertising companies (more than half of internet traffic is for advertising) and why quitting social media is good for you. It also looks like a storm with Amazon is brewing.

“That was my frustration when I went and talked to the Justice Department about Amazon,” Foer said. “It’s like, ‘Well, they’re actually hurting consumers over the long run by hurting producers. And they’re behaving in a bullying sort of way. Maybe not to consumers, but to producers. Why in God’s name can’t you see the harm?’ And they just couldn’t see it because it was so outside of the current paradigm under which they’re operating.”



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