“In light of recent events implicating Facebook in objectionable behavior, is there a duty to leave it?”

Should you, morally, leave Facebook?


Sun, Nov 25th, 2018 11:33 by capnasty NEWS

After all the scandals, propaganda, hate, and election disruption, philosopher Dr. S. Matthew Liao argues in this opinion piece in The New York Times if users have a moral obligation to leave Facebook and what are the complications of our inaction?

From the perspective of one’s duties to others, the possibility of a duty to leave Facebook arises once one recognizes that Facebook has played a significant role in undermining democratic values around the world. For example, Facebook has been used to spread white supremacist propaganda and anti-Semitic messages in and outside the United States. The United Nations has blamed Facebook for the dissemination of hate speech against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar that resulted in their ethnic cleansing.



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