“Heavy multitaskers have reduced memory.”

Add to that the stresses of living in the 21st century and you are screwed


Sat, Oct 27th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to researchers at Stanford, people who engage with multiple types of media at the same time are the same ones that perform worse with simple memory tasks — and it's too soon in the study to really know what's the cause and effect. And it gets worse: high levels of stress effectively reduce your brain's ability to function. I am so screwed.

The paper, co-authored with neuroscientist Melina Uncapher of the University of California, San Francisco, summarizes a decade’s worth of research on the relationship between media multitasking and various domains of cognition, including working memory and attention. In doing that analysis, Wagner noticed a trend emerging in the literature: People who frequently use many types of media at once, or heavy media multitaskers, performed significantly worse on simple memory tasks.



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