“Social robots will be uniquely personal.”

Social robots will become members of the family


Fri, Oct 19th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Not intended to replace humans but to be considered as "entities that enrich our lives" and enhance the human experience, social robots will become members of the family, tailoring their behaviour accordingly—that is, assuming anyone is working to need them or be able to afford them in the first place. I'd like one of these as a social robot.

With fewer stay-at-home parents, social robots can serve as personalized practice partners to help with homework and reinforce what children have learned that day in school. Far beyond helping you find recipes and ordering groceries, they can be your personal sous-chef or even help you learn to cook. They can also act as personal health coaches to supplement nutrition and wellness programs recommended by doctors and specialists for an increasingly health-conscious population. As the number of aging-in-place boomers soars, social robots can provide a sense of companionship for retirees while also connecting seniors to the world and to their loved ones, as well as sending doctor-appointment and medication reminders.



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