The Pocketable Chewable Reusable Spin-Dry Straw

Introducing CHEW


Wed, Oct 24th, 2018 07:00 by capnasty NEWS

The brain child of three Singapore-based Industrial Designers, the CHEW is the first eco-friendly reusable straw equipped with a chewable silicon tip and comes complete with a recycled plastic case. After use, rinse your straw, store it in its case and give it a spin to dry it out.

It’s the first pocketable chewable reusable spin dry straw. We’ve always thought of buying reusable straws but never found one that quite met our needs. You always have to adjust to reusable straws, carrying them around by hand or in a fabric case that traps all that residual moisture, you have to purse your lip to shield your teeth every time you take a sip or try to reposition your straw.

You should be able to enjoy your drink to the fullest, which is why we wanted to keep your sip of your drink of choice effortless and enjoyable while still letting you be eco-friendly. CHEW features 4 different chewable tip designs to let you enjoy your drink without having to think each time you sip. At the same time, case protects your straw and helps you dry spin your straw in a way you’ve never seen before, keeping your straw moisture free and clean.



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