“The prospects and future of AI.”

The Era of Artificial Intelligence


Wed, Oct 17th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In this video by NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman & CEO of Sinovation Ventures, gives a lecture on what the future of AI holds. It's interesting to see how what is on your phone, what type of phone you have, how much battery life you have left, and what apps are installed can be used by AI to make a determination of the type of character you are. Apple is already doing it with their device trust score introduced in iOS12. The video starts at 6:30 to skip the lengthy introductions.

Also, McKinsey&Company has a discussion paper on the impact of AI on the world economy.

New research from the McKinsey Global Institute attempts to simulate the impact of AI on the world economy. First, it builds on an understanding of the behavior of companies and the dynamics of various sectors to develop a bottom-up view of how to adopt and absorb AI technologies. Second, it takes into account the likely disruptions that countries, companies, and workers are likely to experience as they transition to AI. There will very probably be costs during this transition period, and they need to be factored into any estimate. The analysis examines how economic gains and losses are likely to be distributed among firms, employees, and countries and how this distribution could potentially hamper the capture of AI benefits. Third, the research examines the dynamics of AI for a wide range of countries—clustered into groups with similar characteristics—with the aim of giving a more global view.



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