“Like witnessing a unicorn jumping over a rainbow.”

China used microscopic chips on servers to infiltrate American companies


Thu, Oct 4th, 2018 09:58 by capnasty NEWS

According to this report by Bloomberg, Chinese chips the size of a rice of grain have been found on the hardware used by Apple and Amazon. Reportedly, these tiny chips allowed would-be attackers stealth access into any network. Apple, AWS and Super Micro deny these claims.

One country in particular has an advantage executing this kind of attack: China, which by some estimates makes 75 percent of the world’s mobile phones and 90 percent of its PCs. Still, to actually accomplish a seeding attack would mean developing a deep understanding of a product’s design, manipulating components at the factory, and ensuring that the doctored devices made it through the global logistics chain to the desired location—a feat akin to throwing a stick in the Yangtze River upstream from Shanghai and ensuring that it washes ashore in Seattle. “Having a well-done, nation-state-level hardware implant surface would be like witnessing a unicorn jumping over a rainbow,” says Joe Grand, a hardware hacker and the founder of Grand Idea Studio Inc. “Hardware is just so far off the radar, it’s almost treated like black magic.”

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