“Google isn’t liable because it is nothing and nowhere and endless.”

Google is not an American company


Tue, Sep 18th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Eurasia Review, Google is not an American company. If anything, thanks to some clever accounting, Google is nothing more than a subsidiary of a subsidiary designed to move significant revenue around so that it can pay as little taxes as possible.

It is disgraceful. The tax dodging that has allowed Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and other tech companies to become the largest and most profitable in the world – while the corporate bogeymen of yesteryear, such as Walmart, for all their faults at least put something back into the system that makes their ill-gotten gains possible – is theft on an almost indescribably massive scale. When Trump tweeted that the European Union was “taking advantage” of the United States by fining Google over an antitrust violation involving Android, he was getting things exactly backwards. It is actually Google that is taking advantage not only of USA but of the European Union and people the whole world round.



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