Wearable Collaborative Robot

Fusion by Embodied Media


Thu, Sep 6th, 2018 09:41 by capnasty NEWS

Called Fusion, this is a wearable robot that sports an extra set of arms allowing a remote operator to collaborate with the user. They should combine this with a telepresence robot and you could hold your coffee while you run around the office.

Effective communication is a key factor in social and professional contexts which involve sharing the skills and actions of more than one person. This research proposes a novel system to enable full body sharing over a remotely operated wearable system, allowing one person to dive into someone's else body. "Fusion" enables body surrogacy by sharing the same point of view of two-person: a surrogate and an operator, and it extends the limbs mobility and actions of the operator using two robotic arms mounted on the surrogate body. These arms can be used independently of the surrogate arms for collaborative scenarios or can be linked to surrogate's arms to be used in remote assisting and supporting scenarios. Using Fusion, we realize three levels of bodily driven communication: Direct, Enforced, and Induced. We demonstrate through this system the possibilities of truly embodying and transferring our body actions from one person to another, realizing true body communication.



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