“These new types of sails, known as 'rotor sails' rely on a physics principle called the Magnus Effect.”

Sails are making a comeback


Sat, Sep 1st, 2018 08:00 by capnasty NEWS

Taking advantage of the Magnus Effect, Norsepower has developed a new type of sail that looks more like a spinning cilinder than what one would normally be accustomed to.

The spinning of an object – be it a Rotor Sail or a basketball – drags air around it as it spins. That creates an area of lower pressure on one side of the object, which pulls the object forward.

(If you know anything about how airplane wings work, or even traditional sails made in the past couple of centuries or so, they work on similar principles of utilizing low pressure to induce movement. In the case of airplane wings, the movement is upward, in the case of sails, the movement is forward.)

By spinning, the rotor sails pull the ship they’re attached to forwards, using nothing but wind power. With enough wind propulsion, ships can ease up on their engines, saving fuel. Ideally, the engines could be turned off entirely.



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