“While the use of hydrogen is still in its infancy, it's growing in Canada.”

Hydrogen could change Canada's energy sector


Fri, Aug 24th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Albeit hydrogen powered vehicles are nothing new, they face the same problem as electric vehicles: a lack of fueling stations. This may be about to change in Canada, at least according to the CBC, as hydrogen is becoming more and more utilised to generate electricity when renewables can't keep up with demand or — most importantly — as a form of energy storage.

Last month, Enbridge began operating what the company calls the first major energy storage facility using hydrogen in North America. The facility in Mississauga, Ont., is a partnership with Hydrogenics. The power-to-gas facility was chosen by the Independent Electricity System Operator of Ontario since the facility can produce hydrogen when there is excess electricity production on the grid. That hydrogen can then be used to produce electricity when it's needed or be used for other purposes, such as fuel for hydrogen vehicles or building heating.

Some provinces, like Alberta, are investing in large renewable energy projects, while also searching for ways to overcome the sporadic production of solar fields and wind farms. As it stands, traditional power plants are needed to make sure the electrical grid is reliable. Developing large utility-scale batteries could be one answer to the problem, while hydrogen may be another.



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