“We no longer shit alone.”

Social media is unpaid microwork


Wed, May 2nd, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In this essay, 0xADADA looks at how social media has commodified attention and turned its users into unpaid advertising agencies, monetizing "friendships, tastes, opinions, and even our emotions" all to sell us something. He also provides strategies of resistance and a plethora of reasons why we should all quit Facebook.

This process of commodification has turned us all into tastemakers, reviewers, likers, retweeters and brand ambassadors. The platform takes our real authentic friendships and first commodifies them, reifies them, and then sells them back to us as an “image of friendship”, but one that is bankrupt of any genuine social value. Over time, these platforms transform us all into unpaid advertising agencies. We promote goods, services, lifestyles and desires to our friends, weaponizing images to generate feelings of jealousy and FOMO amongst our peers during those idle moments when they feel most bored. These idle moments are when we are most vulnerable, and thus we’re psychologically primed to accept the supernormal stimulus. The platform capitalizes on this vulnerability, and over time begins to redefine what we once considered “real” friendship into a relationship with the platform itself, mediated by the features and “images of friendship” within it through Liked and Retweeted posts, Snapchat streaks, Follow requests, posted text, images or even how we reduce our emotions into a series of emoji (Smith, 2016).



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