“It would only take about a year to disassemble Venus.”

Let's build a Dyson sphere in five easy steps


Sat, Apr 28th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Canadian futurist George Dvorsky looks at just how easy it would be — relatively speaking — to build a Dyson sphere, utilise all of the energy produced by the sun, and become a Type 2 Kardashev civilization in the process. George argues that we would just need all the resources of Mercury, Venus, the asteroids, some of the outer planets and that we could do it now.

Dyson's original proposal simply assumed there would be enough solar collectors around the sun to absorb the starlight, not that they would form a continuous shell. Rather, the shell would consist of independently orbiting structures, around a million kilometres thick and containing more than 1x105 objects. Consequently, a "Dyson sphere" could consist of solar captors in any number of possible configurations. In a Dyson swarm model, there would be a myriad of solar panels situated in various orbits. It's generally agreed that this would be the best approach. Another plausible idea is that of the Dyson bubble in which solar sails, as well as solar panels, would be put into place and balanced by gravity and the solar wind pushing against it.



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