“The Pentagon’s relatively quiet tip-toe into converting the U.S. Armed Forces to a machine-majority force.”

Robots will soon replace humans in the U.S. Army


Sat, Mar 17th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

With the army holding drills with robots and facing low recruitment it should come to no surprise that by 2025 armed forces will have more robots than humans, giving birth to a future reminiscent of Black Mirror's Metalhead.

One of those robots, dubbed “Atlas,” is capable of jumping and backflips, carrying heavy loads, navigating uneven terrain, resisting attacks from a group of humans and even breaking through walls. Another Boston Dynamics robot, called “WildCat” can run at sustained speeds of nearly 20 miles per hour. By comparison, a gifted human runner can briefly sprint at about 16 miles per hour. As journalist Nafeez Ahmed reported in 2016, official U.S. military documents reveal that humans in charge of overseeing the actions of military robots will soon be replaced by “self-aware” interconnected robots, “who” will both design and conduct operations against targets chosen by artificial-intelligence systems. Not only that, but these same documents show that by 2030 the Pentagon plans to delegate mission planning, target selection and the deployment of lethal force across air, land, and sea entirely to autonomous weapon systems based on an advanced artificial intelligence system.



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