“A fraudster poses as an attractive woman and encourages a man to masturbate in front of a webcam.”

How fake Facebook accounts work and make money by blackmailing stupid, horny men


Thu, Nov 16th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Radio-Canada's Jeff Yates looks at the proliferation of fake Facebook profiles, how they work, and how they are ultimately used to generate profit using sextortion. The moral of the story here is not to accept friend requests from strangers, especially if they appear to be young, well-endowed, clearly-underage girls wanting to show you more than they should — or at the very least, please try not to masturbate in front of a webcam.

You receive a Facebook friend request. Judging by the photos, she’s a young woman. You don’t know her, but she’s lovely, and you’re intrigued. Why not? You accept her request. You’ve just unknowingly triggered the first mechanisms of a sextortion trap.

While investigating the world of fake Facebook profiles, my colleague Marie-Eve Tremblay and I have discovered a massive network of fraudulent accounts that catfish their male victims using stolen photos of young women and adolescent girls. This is the story of the months-long investigation that allowed us to piece together the inner workings of this network of online bandits.



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