“The education industry as a whole is a con.”

The education system in the United States is a scam designed to milk students forever


Sun, Nov 12th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the education system in the United States is a massive scam designed to imprison students in debt and milk them for money for loans that are impossible to repay. Everyone involved, from schools to government lenders, are making a tidy profit at the back of students in what the article describes as an example of The Great American Ripoff Age.

It's a multiparty affair, what shakedown artists call a "big store scheme," like in the movie The Sting: a complex deception requiring a big cast to string the mark along every step of the way. In higher education, every party you meet, from the moment you first set foot on campus, is in on the game.

America as a country has evolved in recent decades into a confederacy of widescale industrial scams. The biggest slices of our economic pie – sectors like health care, military production, banking, even commercial and residential real estate – have become crude income-redistribution schemes, often untethered from the market by subsidies or bailouts, with the richest companies benefiting from gamed or denuded regulatory systems that make profits almost as assured as taxes. Guaranteed-profit scams – that's the last thing America makes with any level of consistent competence. In that light, Trump, among other things, the former head of a schlock diploma mill called Trump University, is a perfect president for these times. He's the scammer-in-chief in the Great American Ripoff Age, a time in which fleecing students is one of our signature achievements.



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