“Eliminating the time needed to stop and re-charge a conventional electric car’s battery.”

When all cars are electric, gas stations will simply switch to selling you electrolyte


Wed, Aug 16th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Purdue University, a new system to instantly recharge the battery of an electric vehicle could be obtained without changing existing petroleum-based distribution centres, simply by using a battery system that could be quickly filled-up much like a gasoline engine. While the idea is novel, economic, and environmentally friendly, it also means that drivers would still be financially dependent on "gas" stations, rather than simply recharging their car at home.

“Instead of refining petroleum, the refiners would reprocess spent electrolytes and instead of dispensing gas, the fueling stations would dispense a water and ethanol or methanol solution as fluid electrolytes to power vehicles,” Cushman said. “Users would be able to drop off the spent electrolytes at gas stations, which would then be sent in bulk to solar farms, wind turbine installations or hydroelectric plants for reconstitution or re-charging into the viable electrolyte and reused many times. It is believed that our technology could be nearly ‘drop-in’ ready for most of the underground piping system, rail and truck delivery system, gas stations and refineries.”



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