“It doesn’t matter what it is anymore, I just need a job.”

Thousands line-up for low-wage physically-demanding jobs at Amazon


Sun, Aug 6th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

While slavery is still a thing, and stores are closing at record levels, it may perhaps be no surprise that thousands of people lined up in the blistering sun for the change of getting a low-wage physically-demanding job with Amazon. And while Federal Reserves official state that the economy is almost at full-employment, facts seem to indicate otherwise. Above, a video showing massive homeless camps in California.

“I see this as a period of turmoil and upgrading,” he said. “Fulfillment center jobs are hard work — they’re physically taxing, but they pay well. This could actually be a real positive for income equality.”

The promise of $14 an hour is what drew Rebecca Dorman, 25, to the hiring fair. She has two jobs — at McDonald’s and Save A Lot — but it’s still difficult to make ends meet, she said.

“I’ve got a boy, he’s 2, and I’ve got to do something better than McDonald’s,” she said. “I’ll take any job.”

A few yards away, Albert Wellons, 48, of Baltimore agreed. “There’s just no jobs out there,” he said.

“Especially nowadays,” added Lamont Hale, 22, who stood next to him in line wearing an Orioles cap. “Nobody is hiring.”



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