“'Daddy Finger' is basically the YouTube Kids anthem”

Why YouTube videos for kids are so weird


Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you have kids and they watch YouTubeKids and have noticed just how many videos there are with Indian people singing Daddy Finger, playing with slime, or opening giant surprise eggs, this article on The Atlantic explains the self-fulfilling prophecy that YouTube has become.

And here’s where the ouroboros factor comes in: Kids watch the same kinds of videos over and over. Videomakers take notice of what’s most popular, then mimic it, hoping that kids will click on their stuff. When they do, YouTube’s algorithm takes notice, and recommends those videos to kids. Kids keep clicking on them, and keep being offered more of the same. Which means video makers keep making those kinds of videos—hoping kids will click.

This is, in essence, how all algorithms work. It’s how filter bubbles are made. A little bit of computer code tracks what you find engaging—what sorts of videos do you watch most often, and for the longest periods of time?—then sends you more of that kind of stuff. [...]



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