"Facebook’s public relations spin is to give the impression that such targeting is not even possible."

Facebook accused of showing targeted advertising to vulnerable teens


Thu, May 4th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

After news came out that Facebook was showing targeted advertising to vulnerable teens, the social media giant was quick to explain that this was nothing more than a misunderstanding. A former Facebook executive claims that "they’re lying through their teeth," which should not come as a surprise considering their emotional experiments and long history of questionable actions. Ultimately the problem is not just how using Facebook makes you feel but that targeted advertising can change how you think about yourself.

Just as Mark Zuckerberg was being disingenuous (to put it mildly) when, in the wake of Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, he expressed doubt that Facebook could have flipped the presidential election.

Facebook deploys a political advertising sales team, specialized by political party, and charged with convincing deep-pocketed politicians that they do have the kind of influence needed to alter the outcome of elections.

I was at Facebook in 2012, during the previous presidential race. The fact that Facebook could easily throw the election by selectively showing a Get Out the Vote reminder in certain counties of a swing state, for example, was a running joke.



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