"Humanity must have existed in the world of Cars at some point."

The world of Cars, examined


Mon, May 8th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

I really hated Cars 2 which not only lacked the charm of the original story, but was basically nothing more than a 1.5 hour long commercial for upcoming toys I paid to see. Cars I loved and I've watched several times to see all the details in the background, wondering about their social and religious beliefs, forms of government and related. ScreenCrush takes it one step further, wondering if this is what happens when self-driving cars become so smart that they kill-all-humans and we're left in a post-apocalyptic world populated by vehicles.

Based on the evidence onscreen, the cars have not built a vaguely human society; the cars have taken over human society. The U.S. flag is even visible in one scene in the first Cars. Did the cars overthrow our government, possibly as part of a coup d’Fiat? (Sorry.)

The Cars franchise has never offered an official explanation for any of these mysteries. But there is an internal document at Pixar that has never been shared with the public that answers some of these questions, and lays the ground rules for this unusual cinematic universe. It’s called “The World of Cars Owner’s Manual,” and it was written by Jay Ward, the Creative Director of the Cars universe. At the press junket for Cars 3, I put it to Ward: Where the heck do the cars in Cars come from?



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