"John Deere is the largest operator of autonomous vehicles."

John Deere, not Google, has been leading the self-driving vehicle revolution


Mon, Apr 17th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to The Washington Post, albeit Google has been getting all the media attention for its self-driving vehicles, John Deere is the only company so far to have a level 3 self-driving vehicle, technically even capable of level 4 — basically with nobody sitting in the cab.

Some farmers aren't shy about their enthusiasm for the tech - even uploading videos showing it off online. One appears to show a tractor hauling a planter making a tightly choreographed turn without a driver in the cab. In another, the driver takes pictures, throws paper airplanes and balances a water bottle on his nose before appearing to nod off while the tractor keeps working his field.

The systems come with their own risks, including concerns that they could be hacked. But because farm-equipment makers operate almost exclusively on private land, they've been able to bring products to market much quicker than consumer automakers - and without the same level of regulatory scrutiny.



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