Reviewing Counterfeit Toys Made in China

leokimvideo's dark side toys


Mon, Mar 27th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Aside from what the digital antenna picks up, all the watching done in this house is Netflix and YouTube. While the latter has a plethora of pretty irrelevant or incredible poor content, there are often gems worth following that could easily be their own television shows. In this case, leokimvideo, a toy collector (and spider killer), who also explores the interesting world of clone toys made in China. I've seen some of these in Europe, but they are nearly impossible to find here in Canada. Leo's witty commentary and excellent video editing give us a fascinating look into China's questionable practice.

Thomas the Tank gets some new friends via a very special look into the dark side of the illegal toy industry making Thomas & Friends toys. If you can't stand the sight and sounds of some very distorted Thomas models this is not a video for you. This is a follow on from my video Thomas V Thomas.

All toys were purchased from stores in Sydney's western suburbs.



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