"Twitter is way more important than you might realize."

Using technology to silence Standing Rock protesters


Fri, Dec 2nd, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Sounding more like a tin-foiled hat conspiracy theory than a 21st-century reality, Cracked visits the 5,000-person strong campout at Standing Rock and explains that despite technological efforts put into place by government and private entities to silence the protest against the North Dakota Access Pipeline, social media is the driving force that has kept the movement going.

"The moment you hit this camp from the highway, the signal goes to [nothing]." He added that, "People are reporting their cellphones are turning on, their [apps] are turning on, their battery is draining." In any other situation, we'd have been prepared to write this off as the world's lamest campfire story. It's the kind of story you'd expect to be followed up with "totally real" pictures of Bigfoot or something. But ...

We ran into similar strange rumors across camp for the next couple of days. People from every corner, whether they had been on site for days or for months, would talk about their cellphone signals cutting out just as drones circled above. Mobiles would switch themselves off and on again -- not in pocket but in hand. Camera apps were opened out of nowhere, and batteries would drain by enormous percentages, killing the phones in minutes, rather than the steady decline of any device pinging back and forth searching for a signal. There were even reports of people's Gmail accounts being hacked.

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