"The very act of creating an environment fit for our survival will transform us into hyper-aware custodians." #TeamELON

An argument in favour of colonising Mars


Sat, Nov 26th, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

When it comes to colonising Mars, techcrunch's Shivika Sinha questions whether we should based on the ethics of humanity — a parasitic and imperfect species — and believes that if our track record here on Earth is of any indication, we would be nothing more than a "burden on other planets and forms of life".

Should we take ourselves to other planets? Human rationality and values have woven dark, damaged, all-powerful systems into the tapestry of civilization. Most notably among these systems is capitalism and its partner, consumerism. Do we see ourselves moving planet to planet, sucking life out of each one for our own survival? If we are to impress ourselves onto this universe, we must solemnly inquire about our impact on it.

In response, Dacia Jesseman of Teslarati thinks colonising Mars is the right thing to do. While she does not claim that humanity is anywhere near perfect, she thinks that humans could grow out of their flawed consciousness by becoming a multi-planetary species:

We evolved with the resources available in our Earth environment, and we’ve often taken them for granted because they were always there and available to us. When we take our species to colonize Mars, we will be doing just the opposite by transforming its environment to provide resources we need to survive. The very act of creating an environment fit for our survival will transform us into hyper-aware custodians. Every resource will be valued right down to the tiniest amounts measurable because even the most minute amounts will be important. Every action we take will have reactions that we must carefully calculate if we hope to survive.



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