"If we’re really in a Matrix, we’re supposed to eventually figure that out."

Breaking out of the simulated universe


Mon, Oct 31st, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

With the possibility of the fact that we live in a simulated universe even by the Bank of America, philosopher Eliott Edge explains how you would potentially break free of the facade. A fascinating read, which may make you realise escape is, possibly, futile.

It has been my own thinking that if we’re in a computer simulation, and assuming that simulation is being monitored, then it might be a very interesting turn of events indeed if we decided to build a monument commemorating our realization of this. This monument would act as a signal to our monitors. “We suspect you are there. We suspect you can see this. We suspect we are in a simulation.” This monument could look like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, except it would be black and white, representing binary systems. Or, a large statue of Lawrence Fishburne as Morpheus would probably get the point across. What would happen? I don’t know—maybe nothing. I don’t think a laser beam will shoot out from space and land at its feet to spell out the words “Hi there! A Winner is You!” But, I do imagine something strange and far out enough in the margins might indeed occur, although it will likely still be tenuous enough for the dogmatists to reject. Crop circles perhaps—(Needless to say, simulation frameworks in general explain all psi and paranormal phenomena quite elegantly. It should go without saying that if you believe your video game world is really real and something utterly peculiar happens to go down, you might very well be inclined to interpret it as paranormal or supernatural, when in reality it is just the game getting weird on you.)

Nevertheless, I imagine a monument to be a far more effective pursuit than some kind of other hardware or technology springing us loose. I this universe is a computer simulation and some “they” are monitoring it from the “outside,” they will likely be intelligent enough to get our drift with such a monument. In fact, maybe something like a monument is just what they’re waiting for. After all, we’ve only been addressing each other in the simulism dialog—never the rumored, assumed “them” monitoring it.

Ever play The Sims? If you have then you know that none of your Sims can do anything in secret. We, the player, have total oversight. Here we are discussing breaking out of our video game universe. Do you think “They”—if there truly is a “They”—don’t already know that we’re thinking and talking about planning a bust?



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