"No true piece of art is ever finished… it’s just due."



Mon, Oct 17th, 2016 09:30 by capnasty NEWS

NONE is the creative collaborative work of Ash Thorp and Chris Bjerre, with music by Ben Lukas Boysen. Started as a "small break from client work," it "explores the balance of light and darkness." Beautifully rendered, it takes the familiar and shows it in a surreal manner.

NONE emerged as a collaboration with Chris Bjerre, when our schedules aligned with a small break from client work. We decided we wanted make something special that would allow us to further explore and evolve our craft, but needed to stick to a strict deadline of three weeks before the quick pace of work began again.

What started out as a series of surreal images that lived solely in my mind, we quickly manifested into reality. I wanted to stay true to the original, beautiful simplicity of my visual thoughts while also pushing to explore new techniques.

As the sequence progressed and we paired the rough cut with a track from the incredible musician, Ben Lukas Boysen, we immediately knew we had something special. So we quickly transitioned into post production mode, and completed the short film within the defined time limit. However, no true piece of art is ever finished… it’s just due.



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