"Advanced cameras and sensors will be installed to read license plates and test emerging facial recognition software."

Facial Recognition Cameras Coming to NYC


Sat, Oct 8th, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In a move that brings Minority Report closer to reality, Vocativ reports on Governor Andrew Cuomo's announcement that New York City's bridges and tunnels would be fitted with cameras capable of facial recognition, as well as reading license plates.

On the matter of facial recognition cameras, Cuomo was shy on details. It’s unclear how many cameras will be deployed, which agencies will have access to them, what defines a crossing, how citizens’ photos will be stored, and what photo databases will be used to compare against the faces of the millions of people who drive into the city. A spokesperson for the Governor’s office said had trouble locating anyone who could speak about those issues since Vocativ began asking Wednesday.

“It’s troubling that we’re one step closer to the world of ‘Minority Report’ without any discussion of the serious privacy concerns that are implicated by this plan,” Mariko Hirose, a senior staff attorney at the New York Civil Liberties Union, told Vocativ.

Meanwhile, the CIA claims that it can "predict social unrest" five days in advance thanks to algorithms, machine learning, and open source data sets.

Speaking at the Next Tech event yesterday, Deputy Director for Digital Innovation Andrew Hallman noted that, in some instances, they've been able to forecast social unrest and societal instability in other countries by as much as three to five days out.



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