Open-Source Arduino-Powered Robot Farmer

Farmbot Genesis


Fri, Jul 15th, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Farmbot, an open-source CNC farming machine, is integrated with OpenFarm — public domain crop and growing information — and with a simple drag-and-drop wuser interface, allows to completely automate a garden, from planting to watering. The device is completely customisable. More info here.

FarmBot Genesis is the first FarmBot to be designed, prototyped, and manufactured. Genesis is designed to be a flexible FarmBot foundation for experimentation, prototyping, and hacking. The driving factors behind the design are simplicity, manufacturability, scalability, and hackability.

Genesis is a small scale FarmBot primarily constructed from V-Slot aluminum extrusions and aluminum plates and brackets. Genesis is driven by NEMA 17 stepper motors, an Arduino Mega with a RAMPS shield, and a Raspberry Pi host computer. These electronics were chosen for their great availability, support, and usage in the DIY 3D printer world. Genesis can vary in size from a planting area as little as 1m^2 to greater than 50m^2, while accommodating a maximum plant height of about 1m. With modifications to some of the structural component sizes and an alternative X-direction drive system, the Genesis concept could scale up to a 1000m^2 planting area and a maximum plant height greater than 2m.



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