Music Box & Modulin

Martin Molin's new instruments


Sun, Jul 10th, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Martin Molin, who we featured in the past with his 2,000 marble music instrument, showcases two new instruments he's created in the song All Was Well by Wintergatan. Behind the scenes video here.

All income will be used to build the Marble Machine 2.0, a full sized but transportable Marble Machine that we can tour with! I am going to build it in seven modular horcrux parts, every part has its own case. When we are playing we will arrive the day before the show to assemble it. And we should bring the Music Box as well and synch the two machines up in a plywood duet... just have to succeed with the MM2.0 build first... wish us luck and take care, all the best// Martin & Wintergatan

Ps. I have named this instrument "The Modulin" because i see it as a mix of a MODular syntheseiser and a vioLIN - MODULIN. We will film more videos to explain how it works. I am also building a version 2.0 of this Modulin for stability, it is very cobbled together at this stage and it has broken down on us on stage several times...



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