"Suddenly, your news feed never disagrees with you."

How Facebook chooses what to show in your news feed


Sun, Jun 5th, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

On The Vocal, Cameron Nicholls explains how every story that appears on Facebook's news feed isn't there by random coincedence, but is carefully placed there by a "faceless, anonymous algorithm" in order to feed "our insatiable Facebook addictions." And while "Suddenly, your news feed never disagrees with you," this is having the side-effect of hiding any alternative world views that also exists to which we may need to be exposed to.

[...] With many young people using Facebook as their main source of news and information about the world, their knowledge of world issues is in the hands of an algorithm we don’t even fully understand. Facebook’s news feed isn’t skewed towards any agenda (the Facebook trending feature is another debate entirely). However, just like personal posts, it cultivates more of the same news that you like. It sees that you’ve been clicking on an awful lot of posts from Junkee or Vox recently, and therefore dishes you up a whole bunch more. It notices that you scrolled past that rather conservative post about Ted Cruz or The Daily Telegraph, and decides that it won’t show you much more from that outlet.

Your newsfeed quickly reduces and warps to fit your preferences, abjectly ignoring anything that doesn’t fit into your worldview. The only way you’ll see any alternative views is if a friend likes or comments on something. Yet the likelihood is that the algorithm has already cut that person from your news feed because you never agreed with or liked any of their content.



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