"Music has Spotify. Video has Netflix. But journalism still didn’t have it’s own dedicated platform."

Pay only for the articles you like


Fri, Mar 25th, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

With the beta now open in the United States, Blende wants to provide a platform where various news publishers can showcase their work — and be paid for it. Reportedly, if you don't like what you read, you can get a full refund for that article. From Blende's post on Medium, which best explains the quality they are after:

Every day, you’ll get a digest of the best of the best in your mailbox. It’s a pretty particular mix. Important to mention: although Blendle is all about journalism, you won’t find a lot of “news” in Blendle. We’ve seen that our users don’t like to spend money on the news. It’s everywhere. What our users do like to read is investigative reporting, revelatory background articles, newsworthy analysis and hard-hitting interviews. In other words, users mostly want to read about the “why” instead of the “what”.

Our editors and algorithms help you find the best stuff. But you can also use Blendle on the web to see the full editorial selections across all brands. And you can browse our newsstand to see full editions of newspapers and magazines in their full print glory.

You’ll only need to pay a bunch of pennies for the stories you actually like. And every time you read something you don’t think was worthy of your money, you can instantly get your money back. Articles that get refunded a lot disappear from Blendle. And that means that on Blendle, clickbait can’t exist and only quality journalism starts trending.



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