"The reality is that a lot of work will soon be done by computer."

The post-work economy


Sun, Mar 20th, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

With the coming automation apocalypse, FastCoExist warns of how "work is losing its value" now that "capitalism isn't as socially productive as it's traditionally been." One solution that keeps coming up is UBI (universal basic income), giving people free money. At the very least, with capitalism "creaking under its own weight," society is in dire need of alternatives.

Mason says we need to move towards a "postcapitalist" economy, where working for money loses its centrality, where goods, information, and intellectual property are shared, and where economic actors collaborate in new ways, whether it's credit union-type financial institutions or co-operative-type retailers. Importantly, Mason also shows how current economic orthodoxy—based around "free markets," globalization and an oversized role for the financial services industry—isn't some historical end-state, perfecting everything that went before. Rather, it's the result of a particular set of choices, starting in the 1980s, that advantage some people over others.

Mason's book contains a lot of refreshing ideas, but the main thrust is that capitalism is creaking under its own weight, and that we need an alternative.



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