Computer Made Out of Dominoes

The slowest possible way to compute math


Mon, Dec 28th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Looking brutally painful to set up, Matt Parker and his team showcased how computers perform calculations by building one made entirely out of dominos at the Manchester Science Festival.

Watch the video to see how Parker and his team make an XOR gate or try it yourself. His tips: make sure the dominoes sit completely flat, mark difficult positions with chalk so that you know exactly where to set the dominoes and, if you knock over a portion of the circuit while you are building it, let someone else re-build it so that you don’t get too frustrated.

In his words: “We’ve managed to show with this proof of concept that yes you can, you can actually build an entire computer out of dominoes, although we’ve also managed to demonstrate that you probably don’t want to.” It’s very time consuming to have to set all of the dominoes up every time you want to perform a new calculation, after all.



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