Fuel for Nuclear Bomb for Sale

From Russia, with love


Sat, Nov 14th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to The Centre for Public Integrity, there has been a dangerous trend of smugglers trying to sell nuclear fissile material that, while too little to build a traditional nuclear bomb, could be used to create an "implosion-style" device.

[...] the resulting international probe into the case has sparked fresh, and previously unreported worries, that thieves inside of Russia somehow made off years ago with a full bomb’s worth of highly enriched uranium. Western spies fear the thieves have been doggedly looking for a buyer for the past sixteen years, by repeatedly dangling in front of them identical, genuine samples of that highly valuable material.

Five current or former U.S. officials who have tracked nuclear smuggling, and who declined to be named because this assessment is classified, said it is now a consensus view within the intelligence community.

But no one in the West knows exactly who has this nuclear explosive material, and where they may be.



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