Robot Kitchen

That's Kitchen, not Chicken


Fri, Nov 6th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Wired looks at Innit, a company that wants to develop software systems for the kitchen that, armed with its sensors, can reduce food waste, cook it perfectly, keep track of your fridge's inventory, as well as make recommendations to what food should be made based on what you have — and how long it has been sitting in the pantry. The goal is to ultimately have consumer-grade appliances capable of assisting in the kitchen by next summer.

Thus far, Innit has only created a platform that connects sensors to its software. You can’t go out and buy an oven that will sensor-bake the perfect bird for you. That is the end goal, however, and Innit is currently talking to potential partners in the kitchen appliance and food industries. They wouldn’t name any partners on the record, but the company hopes the first wave of kitchen products featuring its sensors will arrive this summer. These won’t be high-priced, rich-people ovens, either—Innit is aiming its tech squarely at the consumer market.



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