Virtual Tour of the USS Enterprise Using Unreal Engine 4


Tue, Sep 29th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Using the Unreal Engine 4, Jason B takes us on a short but incredible tour of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Albeit the decks are devoid of life, what has been done so far is very impressive. Update: unfortunately the video has been taken down on the claim of copyright violation.

The Enterprise 3D project aims to create this vessel in its entirety, in the Unreal 4 game engine. Yes, this means it will be Oculus rift ready! The goal is to be able to walk the entire length of the ship, without interruption or load times. Previous virtual tours have not gone far enough. They usually are 360 degree panoramic, without actual movement or immersion. The virtual Enterprise should feel seamless and like you are actually on board the ship. Because of the sheer volume of what needs to be created, a modular approach to the ship construction will be taken. But each and every room will be accessible, and unique in some way. This means filling in and creating rooms never before seen on the budget-restricted show.



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