"All fossil fuel–fired power plants could be replaced with nuclear facilities in a little over 30 years."

It is entirely possible to reach global goals in reducing fossil fuel emissions with nuclear power


Tue, Sep 15th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Scientific American argues that following the example of Sweden, in as little as 30 years the world could curb its need for fossil fuels to generate electricity, reach "much-ballyhooed global goals to combat climate change," and still be able to meet the demands of the future simply by using nuclear power.

[...] For example, nations would need to commit to a single design for reactors, as occurred in France and Sweden, as well as mandates requiring utilities to build said reactors and financial support for the construction from the national government. "The state reacted to a crisis, at that time the oil prices, and implemented a plan, which quickly in 15 years had solved the problem," Qvist says. "Analogies could be drawn to the crisis we have today: climate change."

Based on numbers pulled by the research team from the experience of Sweden and France and scaled up to the globe, a best-case scenario for conversion to 100 percent nuclear power could enable the world to stop burning fossil fuels and start fissioning uranium for electricity within 34 years. [...]



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